Monday, August 23, 2010

Iowa is Very Far Away

See that red line? That's the path from Georgia to Iowa. It's a long line. A very long line.

No, we did not get the preaching position in Iowa. I mean, we haven't NOT gotten it offered, there just hasn't been anything either way. Regardless of that, Iowa is far away, and I've been reminded of that many time. As soon as someone hears that we had a tryout in Iowa we are reminded.

That was something we considered before we even sent out a resume. I do understand the concern and the thought behind it. Going that far away would make family and friend visits MUCH more rare than if we stayed in the South. Visiting for Christmas could be VERY hard as there could be quite a bit of snow and cold weather. Our own visits home would be just as hard due to the distance.Considering something so far away is hard for Kristen and myself. We love our family and love to spend time with them. We have Ben and hope to have other children and want them to be able to spend time with their family. How could it not be hard to consider going so far away?

Despite that, we are a preaching family. I want to be a preacher and Kristen wants to be a preacher's wife. We both know that God opens doors for His Word to be spread and sometimes those doors are far away from family and friends. These doors might be outside of our comfort zone and desired area of work. As a preacher, I promised God that I would try my best to do His work and serve Him, wherever that might be.

At least for me, every time I'm told how far away it is, with the implication that we don't need to go there and should look for something closer, I end up feeling two ways. First I feel sad. The reminder that it's so far away and that I'll be apart from my family is felt again. Second, I feel sadder. This is the Lord's work. Maybe it is His desire that we go to Iowa, or somewhere even further away. If that be the case, and providentially the doors are open, who am I not to walk through?


  1. It can be hard to be that far from family, but it is nice to be with congregations that need you. Aaron and I always wanted (and still want) to be with a congregation that truly needs us, even if it meant being away from family. We've felt this same way at times as well with being half way across the country from family. It does make the visits even more special when we get together with family. Having children does make it harder to be away but there are always people who will take you in as family. :) Where in Iowa did you try out?

  2. I know exactly how you feel. 2 times I have moved a twelve hour or more drive away from my family for the work of preaching. The decision is not an easy one, but by the same token, the gospel must be preached and I realize that the Lord works providentially in our lives. I chose to preach, and I realize the greatest need of mankind is the gospel Thus in the Words of Isaiah of old "Here am I send me."

    And personally I think the Lord should open a door for you in Texas =0)

  3. I do hope that when people point out the distance, you look them square in the face, with a perplexed look on your own, and say, "Iowa is far away?"

  4. Carl, I can definitely relate. In 2001 we moved our family from California to Iowa. Then in 2007 we moved from Iowa to Tanzania. Now that is a long way from anywhere. :) Continue to seek the kingdom first and you will be blessed with what you need.

  5. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron