Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stones Cry Out

For the Bible to be true, it must be true in all aspects. While it is not a science, geographical or archeology text book, it must be true in the realms of all three as well as well as without contradiction in its entirety. When we see the Bible being attacked, it is usually in one of these areas. People will quickly point out alleged contradictions, what modern culture sees as non-science or what seems to be a contradiction of what we know from history and archeology and what we find in the Bible. Despite the constant attacks upon the Bible, God's word has stood strong and true. What I wanted to focus on today was archeology in the Bible.

When it comes to archeology, most claims of errors supposedly found within the Bible are based upon what we have not yet discovered. Let that sink in for a moment. When it comes to the Bible and history, most of the supposed errors are based on things we have yet to discover. For a silly example, we have yet to find any proof that a group of people known as the Fligglebillies lived in the middle east 4,000 years ago, but the Bible mentions them in a book that would place them in existence 4,000 years ago. Because we don't have any proof that they existed other than they are mentioned in the Bible, we know that the Bible must be wrong, and therefore a product of man. Of course the Bible never mentions any such race of people known as the Figglebillies, but the Bible does mention the Hittites and for a very long time the secular world treated the Hittites as they the Figglebillies were treated in the example. Though the Bible mentioned the people known as Hittites, there was no other evidence of them in history. The conclusion was that the Bible had simply made these people up, that they had never existed, that the Bible was wrong and just a book written by man alone. In 1906 though, a discovery was made that would change all of this. Ten thousand tablets were discovered that outlined Hittite culture. As simply as that, the Bible was proven to be true.

Not only have people denied that races of people have never existed, but even key people of the scriptures. Some, based on the idea that the Bible is more of a book of tales made up to teach lessons, have suggested that people such as King David and King Solomon never existed. In July of 1993, a stone was found at the base of Mount Hermon that clearly mentioned the House of David. Pottery fragments nearby date the stone to the end of the ninth century, and no later than the event of Tigleth Pileser III destroying the Israelite homeland. This stone also refers to the events found in the Old Testament book of II Kings. The history in the Bible continually proves itself to be true to the history we find.

We could go on and one concerning the Bible and archeology as it seems that quite often more and more is found that proves the Bible's truthfulness on the subject. The Bible contains facts about history, and many times it only contains things that the writers probably wouldn't have known about unless they were actually there during that time. The Bible is a book that needs to be studied. We should not blindly trust it, but study it and its history which will prove it's truthfulness and inspired nature.

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