Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Christian Rubix Cube

In my office I have three Rubix Cubes. Each one adds a new layer to the usual 3x3x3 model going to 4x4x4 and finally 5x5x5. I used to be able to solve all three of them, but after a few years without practice, I can only solve the normal Rubix Cube. Most people walk into my office, grab the cube and start mixing it up, thinking if they turn it a different way than last, it will somehow be harder, but it isn’t. Solving the cube isn’t luck, there is a pattern to follow, and no matter how mixed up the cube may be, you can follow the pattern back to restore it.

In many ways, Christians are like Rubix Cube. They get mixed up, changed from their state of perfection, but they can be restored if they follow the pattern of God found in the Bible. There is a difference though. I can solve the Rubix Cube without really thinking about it. My hands just go through the motions, knowing what they need to do, and I don’t really have to think about it. For the Christian, both the actions and the heart must be involved. If we’re just going through the motions, we’ll never be “solved” and restored back to our original state of being a forgiven creature.

Sometimes people get upset about being mixed up and giving into sin. Surely we should mourn over the times where we sin, and seek to correct ourselves. Remember though that while we should see sin for the destructive force it, coming back to God gives us a wonderful reminder of His love, and His ability to fix us in our mixed-up state and bring us back to perfection.

We live in a world the mixes us up, and makes us confused. We must make sure that our lives are in God’s hands, as He is the one that gives us the pattern and is able to restore our souls to the way the need to be.

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