Monday, April 5, 2010

Bible Q&A: Why do some of the nastiest drivers on the road have the Christian fish (ithicus) on their car?

It is because even Christians aren’t perfect. I don’t think it is mainly those with the ithicus that are nasty driver. This past week in Memphis, five cars ran a stoplight right before my eyes and as far as I could tell, none had any connection to Christendom. I would think that people notice a Christian’s imperfections more readily because we claim to walk by a higher moral standard, and when one does that, it is noticed more if he fails to meet this standard. Christians are commanded to obey traffic laws (Romans 13:4), but just like everyone else on the road, they aren’t perfect, and they have temptations. It doesn’t excuse such behavior, but Christians are still humans. Just because Christians are trying to walk by God’s standard doesn’t mean they will be perfect in doing such, but this sort of question should be a reminder to all Christian’s that they are being watched in everything they do and ought to act accordingly.

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