Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Green

I'll admit it. I've been a bit discouraged lately. I've considered a lot of different options during this time that I've had no preaching work. I could look for another full time preaching position, take an associate or youth minister position to try and come up with a bit more experience while I'm still young and growing, possibly take on some full time missionary work in a far corner of the world or even just take a secular job and fill in for classes and preaching when needed and possible. The thought of not being a preacher has crossed my mind for sure, partly because of some of the events that led to my firing and also a bit due to my youth and realizing just how much goes into this work and how hard it can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual.

I got a phone call today though that really brightened my spirits. A friend and fellow preacher from the area in which I had been working called me after learning about my family's current predicament of having no job. It was just a good reminder of people looking out for me and me remembering that everyone started somewhere and it's never easy. I doubt that any minister started out with the work they did being easy and knowing what to do and always having the best for their family, and I'm sure that the majority would say that it never truly reaches the point of being "easy". I wish there were an Easy Button for all of this, but there just isn't, but giving up doesn't change anything and leaves one less minister of the Gospel in this world.

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