Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Thing Plays Music?

I really enjoy having an iPod Touch. I don't say that to brag or because I'm a Machead or anything, it just proves useful in many situations. I was thinking about my use of it and noticed that sometimes my focus of use changes. What I mean by that is that sometimes I use one function more than others for a while. I really like to listen to music while I drift off to sleep, but recently I've liked having no music more than a bit of noise. In fact, I've been using it less for music lately and more for the Apps.

I'll admit, I have more than a few games on my Touch. Most of them probably don't get played and could be deleted, but they stay on regardless. I really like the puzzle games and the challenge. They're good for waking my brain up in the morning sometimes. Despite the fact that I might use it more for games than music at the moment though doesn't change the fact that it still plays music.

So you may be asking what's the point in all of this. Have you ever read the Bible in different ways? What I mean by that is reading through the Bible to focus a study on the love of God, the justice of God, the nature of God, the nature of man, God's expectation of man and so on? It doesn't mean that the aspects of the Bible that aren't being studied aren't there, but there is nothing wrong with focusing on one aspect of the Bible while you study and grow just as there Apple isn't going to get mad with someone who owns a Touch and focuses more on the Apps than the music or vice versa. If you have the opportunity, choose a single study and go through the Bible focusing on that.

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