Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simply Irresistible

It's been a while since I posted. I've still been writing stuff, just not posting them. I'm just not good with keeping up with this stuff. My wife told me I needed to post though, so I will. This past week, Kristen and I needed to go to a grocery store and pick up a few things. We also had some coupons for free items we would use, so that was a big incentive as well. We finally got what we needed and headed to check out. In the checkout line, you usually end up waiting, and when you end up waiting, if you are like me, you quickly become bored and start looking around at everything. In the line, one side had magazines and the other side had candy. I was looking at the covers of the magazines and saw a cover story that made me think. The article was titled, “Girl traits no man can resist.” To help you understand the nature of this magazine, it is one that has to have a black piece of plastic placed over 4/5ths of the cover because of the topics that are usually placed on the front of the cover. In seeing that cover story, I began to think that whatever traits were listed inside the magazine, they could not be godly and moral traits. I then asked myself, “What if a Christian wrote that article? What traits would they list?” Whether we are searching for someone to marry, or already married, why type of person should be? What traits should we have that should make us irresistible to a Christian searching for a spouse, or to one who is already our spouse?

One trait that should be irresistible is that the other person puts God first in his or her life. Christ commanded that all who follow Him must, seek “first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” (Matt 6:33). This should be the number one priority in every Christian’s life, but it should also be the top priority in the one we wish to or to whom we are married. How harder does one think it will be for him to make God his first priority when the people he spends the most time with do not make Him their first priority, and who do we spend more time with than our spouse? If God should be one’s top priority, then finding someone whose top priority is seeking God should be an irresistible trait.

Another trait that should be irresistible should be one’s appearance. One should find a future spouse or their current spouse physically attractive, but God also cares about how appear to the world. I Corinthians 11 begins with Paul dealing with the issue of appearance. Some of the women were doing something that caused them to be associated with immoral women. Paul warned them of their appearance and wrote that they need to make sure they do not do something that would associate them with immoral people. One trait that should be irresistible is a Christian that cares about how the world sees them. Who would want a spouse that dress or act in such a way that cause their opposite gender to think improper thoughts about them? Who would want a spouse that causes others to think that he or she does not care about God as the first priority? As one looks for, or acts as a spouse, appearance must be considered.

One other trait that should be irresistible should be activeness in the Kingdom. Couples are strengthened by spending time together and doing new things together. How much more would one be strengthened by a spouse that not only supports, but works with him to spread the Gospel through the world? What could bring two people closer together than following in the steps of Aquilla and Priscilla and bringing others to the Gospel?

If one asked the world what traits are irresistible to the opposite gender, he would not be surprised to get worldly answers from many. As Christians go and seek after a spouse, or try and be the best spouse possible, they should seek to set forth godly traits that will be irresistible to the spiritual mind.