Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Should I Study: Genesis?

Each book of the Bible is given to us for a reason. Some of them register as “very important” to read and know (Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs, The Gospel Accounts, James) and some are viewed by many as “insignificant” (Leviticus, The Minor Prophets, Revelation). Regardless of how most view the importance of the books of the Bible, because God revealed and providentially preserved the information within the books, they are all of great importance. We need to know what is within these books and know why they are important to us today.

The book of Genesis is of great importance to Christians as it is the foundation to the Bible. It is the beginning of God’s plan of redemption as well the beginning of the world, mankind, civilizations, sin and the Christ.

The book tells us of the beginning of God’s eternal purpose. Within the first three chapters one can read about the fall of man into sinfulness, as well as God’s revelation about a plan to redeem mankind. As early as Genesis 3:15, it is revealed by God that the seed of woman will come to crush Satan. The main events within the book of Genesis would be listed as creation, the fall of man, the flood, the call of Abram and Jacob and his family traveling to Egypt. All of these events play a role in God’s ultimate plan for redemption and lead to the coming forth of Christ who can and will pay for the sins of man.

Genesis also teaches that God requires an active faith. From the creation of man, God had put commands out for man to follow. Faith that does not bring forth actions is not true faith at all. Believing in God was not enough for Cain to be pleasing to God. His belief in God should have brought him to offer that type of offering which God had commanded him. Abram’s belief in God was not enough. Abram also had to be active in obeying that which God commanded. We see this same pattern throughout the rest of Genesis, and ultimately throughout the Bible.

The book of Genesis also introduces man to what is called the “Law of Exclusion.” The idea behind this law is that God does not have to tell man everything He does not want if He specifies what He does want. Noah was told to build the ark out of Gopher wood. That limited the type of wood that Noah could use to solely Gopher wood. When God said He only wanted one door, it did not mean that Noah could put as many as he wanted as long as there was at least one. On the other hand, there were things not specified. God simply said to build an ark. He did not specify that certain tools had to be used or that help could not be hired.

The book of Genesis also shows the growth of man’s sin. We see pictures of those, not only who have decided to follow God, but also those who decided to live without Him. The more man decided to live according to his own will and wants, the more depraved society became. Where ever we see sin abounding though, we also see the grace of God abound even more (Rom. 5:20).
Finally, we are introduced to the providence of God. Though Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, God providentially used this sin of men to work for the good in the overall plan of redemption. From the first book of the Bible we know that God is in control of the destiny of men.

Genesis is a book that needs to be studied. It is a book that shows the beginning of all things, and it is a book that shows God at work, preparing for the end of all things and a way to bring man and God together again spiritually before this life and this earth ends.

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  1. Great points! Genesis is definitely a wonderful book to study.