Friday, September 10, 2010

There's My Z

My laptop had to go in for repairs. In the end it needed a new hard drive to fix it's problems. It had started freezing up, and eventually got to the point where it wouldn't even start up. That's a problem, especially since I'll be speaking on a youth day very soon and it meant my outline was gone. I was able to do most of my outline from scratch on my wife's laptop, but still lost some other things in all of this. My laptop was still under warranty at least, so that let me send it in without worries.

When I took it in to be shipped away, I took a plastic back with me. This plastic bag had my Z key in it. It's a been a while now, but my Z key had come completely off, and other keys were getting loose, barely hanging on. When I got my laptop back yesterday, I lifted the top to see an entirely new keyboard, Z key and all. I was ecstatic. In the end, I was happier to have a full keyboard than a working hard drive, though I knew without the hard drive, having any keyboard would be pointless. Regardless, it was the little thing that caused me the most grief. I don't use a Z that often, but when I needed it, it wasn't there. I could push where the Z was supposed to be and the letter would appear, but it stopped the flow of what I was doing.

Many times in life it is the small things in our life that cause the most problems when they go wrong. One action or word that we consider minor could ruin someone's day, destroy a family, turn one away from Christ or a plethora of other things. Never forget how much the little things can affect someone's life.

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  1. Very good illustration....I appreciate the thought. Glad your computer is fixed!